When standing, the body bends forward or backward, then do these 3 yoga asanas, The body posture will be fine and the spine will be straight

Some people walk with their backs bowed. Some people walk with their stomachs out. So some people’s waist is outwards. These are all wrong body postures. In this way, there are three types of body posture, tilt-A of the spine, tilt-B, and humpback of the spine. There are many yoga asanas to correct these body postures. Which you can do at home and fix your body posture. If the body posture is not correct, your spine starts crooking or there is a tilt on the shoulders, waist, and neck. You can do yoga to get rid of these problems. Join 200 hour yoga teacher training Rishikesh for the best in your career and health.


lumbar lordosis body posture

The meaning of lumbar is that our lower back (the part from the back to the waist). When the part of our waist is tilted more inwards and there is more curve in it, then it causes problems. That’s why it is called lumbar lordosis. Yoga is very beneficial for the spine.

Due to this our body posture is wrong. Along with this, there is pressure on our waist part. Our spinal cord gradually starts losing its correct shape. Due to this gradually problems start coming in the spine.


Yoga Asanas for correcting the inclined body posture of the spine:


When standing, the body bends forward or backward, then do these 3 yoga asanas, The body posture will be fine and the spine will be straight

1. Boat Pose (Naukasana)

In the tilt of the spine, the part of our waist bends inwards, due to which we get problems like lower back pain, inclination of the spine, and wrong body posture. By doing Naukasana, our spine comes in a normal and correct position. The shape of the spine, as it was before, gradually starts coming in the same shape. At the same time, in lumbar lordosis, our waist bends more inwards. Slowly our curve starts decreasing. That curve of ours begins to fill. Due to this our spine and waist come in the right position. So that we do not have to face the problems mentioned above.


How to do:

  • Sit on your mat with both legs open in front of you.
  • Pull the claws outwards.
  • Place both your hands beside the thighs.
  • Straighten the waist.
  • Now slowly raise both your legs upwards one by one, taking the support of the hands from the side.
  • Both our hands will be next to the thighs and the palms will be facing each other.
  • Hold in this posture for 25-30 seconds and come back slowly.
  • If you are starting out, hold according to your ability.
  • In this posture, the speed of breathing will be such that when you raise your legs and arms up, you will lift them while breathing. Whereas when you come back, you will come exhaling. Breathing will be normal for as long as you hold it. Come back slowly and relax.
  • Apart from doing Naukasana, you can do Marjari Asana, Dandasana etc.


Sway Back Body Posture:

In the tilt-B of the spine, the part of our waste goes forward. which is different from the normal situation. Due to this, there is pressure on our entire spinal cord. There are also problems related to the spine. In the tilt of the spine, our entire pressure is not only on our waist, as well as our stomach also goes forward. Because of this, we do not look healthy.


Yogasana for Spine Bending:-


When standing, the body bends forward or backward, then do these 3 yoga asanas, The body posture will be fine and the spine will be straight

2. Lying One Leg Royal pigeon yoga asanas

Inside the swayback, our stomach part moves forward. And our spinal cord turns completely forward. In this, our shoulders go lightly towards the question. Due to this, our body posture deteriorates, due to which our balance starts deteriorating. If you do the dormant Ekapad Rajkapot posture, then your spine starts coming back in the right shape and in the right place. The back pain we get from Sway Back also gives relief from it. In the swing back, there is a slight pressure in the hips. The hips get a good stretch by doing the Supta Eka Pada Rajkapot posture, which provides relief from pain. And our hips and lower back come in the right position.


How to do:-

  • Lie on your back on your mat.
  • Straighten both your legs.
  • Keep both your hands beside your waist.
  • Gently press your waist down towards you.
  • Bring them one by one to your hips.
  • Place the heel of your straight leg on top of the left knee. After that, with both your hands, hold your straight thigh from the inside.
  • Try to bring the thighs of both your legs near the chest. This will stretch your hips and waist. Hold on here for a while. And come back slowly. Then do this asana with the other leg as well. And take a rest.
  • While doing this asana, our breathing will be normal.


Humpback (thoracic kyphosis) body posture:

Some people’s body posture is like a hump. In thoracic kyphosis, our shoulders bend forward. And our back part comes out from behind. This condition is called thoracic kyphosis i.e. humpback. Due to thoracic kyphosis, our spine loses its correct shape. The shape of our spine deteriorates and becomes in C shape. The c shape is not the correct shape. Due to this, there is also pressure on our neck. Along with this, our shoulders and chest are also affected.


Yoga Asanas to remove humpback:-


When standing, the body bends forward or backward, then do these 3 yoga asanas, The body posture will be fine and the spine will be straight

3. Bhujangasana:

In the C body shape, our shoulders lean forward, and then the hump comes out from behind. Due to this, our normal body looks different from our posture. If you do Bhujangasana, our shoulders are pulled back, due to which the forward tilt of our shoulders is corrected. At the same time, our spine gets the right curve in Bhujangasana. In the hump, our back goes up, whereas, in Bhujangasana, our back turns inwards. This asana is the perfect solution to this type of posture. By doing Bhujangasana, your C-shaped body gradually starts getting better. Our body and spinal cord start coming back to normal. Those with a C body shape also have pressure on the neck, by doing Bhujangasana, that pressure also ends and our body starts working normally. Practising this asana regularly gives benefits.


How to do:

  • Lie down on your stomach.
  • Bring both the feet and knees together.
  • Place the palms of both your hands under the shoulders.
  • Spread your fingers on the ground.
  • Keep your elbows glued to the body and bend slightly
  • While inhaling, raise your chin and chest area.
  • Hold 15-20 seconds in this posture.
  • Exhale and come back to the ground. And take a rest.

There are different yoga asanas to correct different types of body posture. By doing these at home, you can fix your body posture.

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