What is Hair Botox treatment, which makes hair beautiful?

The first image that comes to our mind when we hear the word Botox is a treatment that uses injections. This is a wonderful beauty procedure. Botox treatment is usually done to avoid fine lines, wrinkles and sagging skin. Not only this, but if someone wants to shape their lips and cheeks, then Botox is very effective for that too. But have you ever heard about Hair Botox? Hair Botox is not at all what you think after hearing it. This is quite different from normal Botox treatment. This is a deep conditioning treatment to promote hair health. These days, due to its increasing popularity on social media, Hair Botox has become a topic of discussion in the beauty industry. According to experts, Hair Botox is an antiaging treatment, which treats damaged hair.

During this process, chemicals like caviar oil, vitamin B-5, E vitamin and BONT-L peptide are mixed as per the requirement of the hair and applied to the hair. Experts consider the products used in Botox hair treatment to be safer than other hair treatments. The best part is that hair treated with Botox lasts for about 4 months and retains its smoothness and shine. So let us know what is Hair Botox and what are its benefits.  Botox Dehradun provides specialist services in the face of Botox. We are dedicated to the aesthetics of the skin, hair, and everything that goes with it.


Who should take hair botox treatment?

  • If you have a problem of split ends, then Hair Botox is best for you.
  • For people whose hair is thin and dry, after this treatment, their hair gets a natural shine.
  • Hair is becoming contaminated and unhealthy due to pollution and is getting damaged. Due to this, people are also complaining of baldness. In such a situation, Hair Botox is a good solution to this problem.


What is hair botox?

Unlike keratin and other hair treatments, Hair Botox deeply conditions your hair. In this process, your hair is coated with chemical-free products. These help control frizz and dullness with your damaged hair. During this process, the hair becomes straightened to a great extent. It definitely helps in repairing the hair along with deep conditioning it.


Benefits of hair botox-


good for straightening – The purpose of Hair Botox is to deep condition the hair. After this process, the frizziness of the hair reduces and your hair starts appearing straight.

get rid of split ends – With the help of this hair treatment, it helps a lot in reducing the growth of split ends.

prevent hair damage – After trying this process, the damage caused to your hair by chemicals can also be repaired.

bring shine to hair – Hair Botox is a great way to make hair look shiny and healthy.


How to do hair botox

Step-1- To get rid of dirt and chemicals, first of all, you have to wash your hair thoroughly.

Step 2- Now dry the hair in different parts. The Botox treatment will be thoroughly applied to your hair from the roots to the tip. The treatment will be left on for approximately 45 minutes. Next, use a sulphate-free cleanser to wash off the Botox.

Step 3- After this, the hair will be dried and heated. However, some salons dry and straighten the hair without washing it to make the process convenient.


Hair care after Botox treatment-

Use sulphate and silicone-free shampoos for your hair. Always condition your hair to keep it away from any dryness.

For deep conditioning of hair


Do hair masking once a week?

Avoid heat-styling tools when styling your hair. If necessary, use a heat protectant spray on treated hair before using heat styling tools.

Before leaving the house during the summer season, cover your hair with a silk scarf.


Disadvantages of Hair Botox:

Hair botox sessions can be a bit expensive. The price of hair botox can range between Rs 11000 to Rs 23000, depending on the treatment salon. Keep in mind, that one session is not enough, you need two to three sessions. Since Botox treatment does not affect the texture of the hair, straightened curly hair will not show much straightening.

To avoid the growing problem of hair, the demand for hair botox has started increasing these days. Since no injection is used in this treatment, you can do it at home too. Keep in mind that before using any chemical product, take advice from a hair expert.

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