One of the most common dental problems that almost every person faces in their entire…

One of the most common dental problems that almost every person faces in their entire life is that of toothache. Toothache is an inconvenient and painful experience. Just the thought of having a toothache can send a chill down one’s spine. The moment you start to experience even the tingling feeling of the pain beginning, you know it is time to visit a dentist before the pain becomes unbearable. Prevention is better than cure holds true even when you have to reduce dental pain. Following are some remedies you could try which will help to reduce the dental pain, in case of an infection or a bad tooth.

What are some of the most common dental problems?

Toothache is a common indicator of many dental problems. Whenever you start to experience a toothache or any tingling feeling, the very first step is to ascertain its cause. You could stand in front of the mirror and examine the teeth. Check for any visible cracks, chips or swelling. Sometimes, a toothache can be caused by food being stuck between your teeth. Using dental floss can be really helpful. Apart from that, chipping, infection, bacteria buildup and cavities can cause severe dental pain. If the pain is too much, it is time to visit the dentist. They will help to ascertain the cause and prescribe medication that will help to relieve pain.

Should you gargle with salt water or peroxide?

When you are suffering from dental problems, gargling with salt water or a peroxide solution can be extremely helpful. Hydrogen peroxide has antibacterial properties, which helps to neutralize harmful bacteria when there is an oral cavity. Whenever you are gargling with hydrogen peroxide, ensure that you don’t swallow it as it can be harmful to the internal organs. Even saltwater possesses antibacterial properties. Gargling with a mixture of saltwater and peroxide is the most effective method. However, always ensure that you don’t swallow the solution after gargling.

What are some remedies for nerve tooth pain?

Nerve toothache happens when the dental pulp of the tooth becomes inflamed. It is this dental pulp that houses the blood vessels and nerves. In the early stages, it can be easily relieved by saltwater gargling, peppermint tea bags, thyme vanilla extra or clove oil. All these remedies are only a temporary measure. When you are experiencing such pain, you must head to the dentist.

When should you reach out to a dentist?

There are several reasons why you might be experiencing a toothache. The reason could vary from not brushing your teeth properly to something serious which needs urgent attention. There are some signs, which will help you to ascertain that it is time to go to a dentist. When the pain lasts for more than two days and isn’t settling with painkillers, then you should book your appointment. Also look out for high temperature, red gums or a bad taste in the mouth. Swollen cheeks and jaws are also clear indicators.