Specialty Cold Brew Coffee Shop in Singapore

Coffee Shops in Singapore, every place has a unique atmosphere and unique taste. The coffee culture in Singapore is similar to that in Indonesia, where their coffee tastes are quite broad, ranging from Team coffee international franchise cafes and speciality coffee.

coffee is not only delicious when brewed hot but also when served cold. Cold Brew Coffee is a cold brew that is different from iced coffee such as Iced Americano, Iced Long Black or Iced Japanese Iced Coffee, although they both use coffee and water and are served cold and fresh. So what makes it different? What makes this cold brew so unique and special? Here is a Cold Brew that you may not know about!

Brewed Without Hot Water

The name is also cold brew. Of course, it doesn’t involve hot water at all. To make a cold brew, you must use water at room temperature. Room temperature water and coffee will be extracted for more than 8 hours depending on the type of coffee, choice of cold brew maker and individual tastes.

Soaked Long

Cold Brew Coffee is probably one of the longest-lasting brewing methods. Coffee and water are generally steeped together for 8 to 12 hours. Usually, during soaking, the container containing cold brew is placed in the refrigerator. This process will produce a unique taste, sweet and low acidity.

It tastes sweeter

Cold Brew Coffee tastes sweeter and softer even without sugar or other sweeteners. This happens because of the long soaking process and the water used. But each coffee will produce a different taste. Generally, coffees that are processed naturally and honey will taste very ‘rich’ when brewed.

Lower Acidity

Cold Brew Coffee has a lower acidity due to the 8-hour soaking process that occurs in the process. This is certainly very good for those with acidity health problems. Those suffering from stomach acid also need not hesitate to enjoy cold brews.

Higher Caffeine

Although brewed cold, the amount of caffeine is also higher. One of the causes is the amount of coffee used in brewing. Cold-brew usually has a ratio of 1:10 to 1:15. In other words, if you use 30 grams of coffee, then use 300 ml of water for best results. This causes cold brew to be consumed before exercising for maximum results.

It can Be Enjoyed With Milk!

You can store Cold Brew Coffee and mix it into various products such as milk for milk coffee, lemon juice for Iced Coffee Lemonade, matcha for Coffee Matcha and many more! 

The Best Place for Coffee in Singapore

Who doesn’t like hanging out over coffee? This habit is very common everywhere. Not only for killing time but also for socializing and getting ideas or inspiration.

If you are in Singapore, you must visit the best coffee in singapore.

  • Five Oars Coffee Roasters

You will immediately fall in love when you first visit this coffee shop. With an industrial theme and dominated by white and grey colours, making Five Oars Coffee Roasters look minimalist but still classy. The lush greenery keeps this coffee shop looking fresh and ‘alive’.

You won’t find popular coffee drinks like cappuccinos or lattes on the menu, but you can order them from the barista. Practically, you can buy coffee beans for personal consumption at home. 

  • The Coffee Academics

Scotts Square Singapore

Coffee Academics started from Causeway Bay in Hong Kong and has flagship stores in Singapore and Thailand. They are often included in the list of the best coffee shops in Asia and the world in various articles. Meanwhile, the blend of coffee beans was ranked 3 in the world and 1 in Asia.

The coffee beans themselves are obtained from small foreign plantations. Of course, many stories will be found if you can chat with the barista or roaster at The Coffee Academics.

  •  Nylon Coffee Roasters

Everton Park.

Nylon Coffee Roasters is managed by husband and wife Dennis Tang and Jia Min Lee, who is often seen busy serving customers. The location is hidden behind the Everton Park flats. If I didn’t smell the coffee roasting, I would have thought I was in the wrong building the first time I visited Nylon Coffee Roasters. One of the speciality coffee shops that open new horizons because this is where I first got the taste notes of pepper.

The coffee beans used are usually from South America or Africa, roasted using a five kg Probat machine and producing coffee beans that I recommend buying.

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