What Do The Planets Mean On Snapchat Plus?

Snapchat Solar System

With the increasing number of users on Snapchat Premium, it introduces new features every day that helps in personalizing Snapchat accounts to users. Getting a Snapchat premium membership allows users to access a wide variety of exclusive and pre-released features.

Users can determine their friendship with other Snapchat users using the Friends Solar System feature.

Are you eager to know about the exclusive feature of Snapchat’s “Snapchat solar system”?

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What Does Snapchat Solar System Mean

As the planet means on the solar system, the Snapchat Solar system is the most fancy way to express how close you are to some of your Snapchat friends. To be precise it is a unique way to view your close friends’ list within a golden ring that is termed as the Solar system of your friends.

Snapchat Planet allows users to pick their best friends and just friends with their profiles and place them within the golden ring. Each ring will represent your closest friend which depends upon how close you are with them and indicates you are one another’s closest friend. 

To demonstrate it takes an example of the real solar system where every planet is known by its distance from the sun like the closest planet, farthest planet. If you are the sun and your friend is at the place of earth, then it is understood that he is your third best friend.

Now proceed to know snapchat planets order, it will better indicate how close you are with your friend.

How To See The Friends Solar System

To see  Snapchat planets and find out where you are in your friend’s solar system, you must: 

  •  Join Snapchat Plus. 
  •  You and your friend must be linked via a  Bitmoji. 

 ..once you have all that set up, go to your friends profile and  you will see  a “Best Friends” or “Friends” badge with a gold border under their Bitmoji image.

 Best Friends: means you are both one of the other person’s 8 best friends (planetary positions). 

friends: means you are one of his 8 best friends but they are not in your top 8. 

 When you click the badge, you will learn which planet you are associated with.

Snapchat Planets Order/ Snapchat Solar System

As everyone knows there are eight planets in the solar system and ranked individually. Mercury is the closest to the sun and Pluto is the farthest planet. To figure out your position on the Snapchat solar system, it will be better to know the real order of the planets in our solar system.

The solar system on Snapchat Plus doesn’t reveal your order on the ring, instead a picture of the planet is displayed. To figure out your place on the ring, here are the orders of the planet given.

  • Mercury: As it is the closest to the sun it means the person is your closest friend. 
  • Venus: It is the second to the sun means your second closest friend depending on the streaks shared with him
  • Earth: It depicts your third closest friend.
  • Mars: It represents your fourth closest friend.
  • Jupiter: Being the fifth closest to Jupiter, it is the fifth closest friend to you
  • Saturn: Saturn is the sixth closest friend of the human race.
  • Uranus: Uranus represents your seventh closest friend
  • Neptune: Neptune states your eighth closest friend.

By knowing these orders you may be able to guess your place on your friend’s snapchat planet order and know how close you are with your friend. The Snapchat solar system is the best and unique feature of Snapchat that is most desirable among Snapchat Plus users.

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