Our smile is one of the things that make us feel confident. Going through the…

Our smile is one of the things that make us feel confident. Going through the process of getting braces is never easy. There are many restrictions that you need to keep in mind. It generally takes a while to get used to the braces. When you have braces and the teeth start to show a tinge of yellow, you might begin to panic a little. If you want to get back your smile, then you might want to consider whitening teeth with braces. We are here to tell you ways in which you can prevent your teeth from turning yellow when you have braces.

The reason why teeth are turning yellow

There are many reasons why your teeth might be turning yellow with braces. Adherence to plaque and tartar deposits on the teeth are some of the most common reasons behind your teeth turning yellow. It happens often with braces as it is difficult to clear them out properly. As food keeps getting stuck in the teeth, it causes discolouration and the yellow appearance of teeth. Food impaction can also lead bacteria to attach. It is a toxin secreting bacteria that gets attached to the enamel, the outer layer of the teeth. As the enamel begins to get damaged it causes the teeth to become yellow.

Avoid Using Whitening Strip

Though whitening strips are a great method to make your teeth white at home, it is not advisable to use them when you have braces. It is recommended to avoid them as the strips will only work in the areas which have not been covered by the braces. Though it might work for a while, after your braces are off, you would be able to see a difference in the shade in the same tooth. It is also not easy to get the trips on while you are wearing braces. Even if you end up using the whitening strip and have an uneven colour on your teeth. You won’t be able to easily correct it. This can’t be corrected even with professional teeth whitening procedure.

Avoid Usage of whitening toothpaste

In case you have traditional braces, then using whitening toothpaste or mouthwash will only help to remove the stains which are present in the exposed area. The ingredients of the toothpaste might not be able to reach the surface of the tooth which is underneath the braces. This would lead to only a part of your teeth being white and the area previously covered by the braces will have a darker shade.

Cleaning your teeth thoroughly

The only way to prevent your teeth from becoming yellow while you have braces is by cleaning your teeth thoroughly. Ensure that you are mindful about the toothbrush that you are using. The bristles of a regular toothbrush might not be able to get past the orthodontic wires. It is suggested that you use an interdental brush. This type of brush has fine bristles which can easily get into the tight spaces in your teeth.