How to help your overmedicated dad or mum | Group

Dear Savvy Senior, My 75-year-outdated mom is at present having 16 various prescription and OTC…

How to help your overmedicated dad or mum | Group

Dear Savvy Senior, My 75-year-outdated mom is at present having 16 various prescription and OTC medications, and I’m fearful she’s having way way too numerous drugs. Can you advise any means that can enable us?

— Worried Daughter

Dear Concerned,

Sadly, millions of more mature Us residents are having way far too a lot of medicines these days, which raises their chance of risky aspect results and drug interactions.

In accordance to the American Society of Expert Pharmacists, men and women aged 65 to 69 just take an typical of 15 prescriptions a yr, and people aged 80 to 84 acquire 18 prescriptions a calendar year. and which is in addition to the myriad of above-the-counter prescription drugs, organic therapies, nutritional vitamins and minerals they could acquire, any of which — alone or in blend — could result in extra issues than they heal.

Even when older sufferers are using only important and helpful medications, the dosages have to have a 2nd appear. As individuals age, they are likely to metabolize medicines far more slowly, this means the dose that was great 5 yrs ago may possibly now be far too higher, possibly creating dizziness and falls. Doses will need to be continually adjusted with age, and most of the time that does not come about.

Get a Drug Review

If you have concerns or questions about the medicines your mother is taking, acquire up all her pill bottles, like her prescription and above-the-counter medicine, as very well as nutritional vitamins and health supplements, place them in a bag, and get them to her most important medical professional or pharmacist for a comprehensive drug assessment.

Medicare provides absolutely free drug critiques with a physician all through annual “wellness visits,” and quite a few Medicare Component D prescription-drug beneficiaries can get totally free reviews from pharmacists, also.

At the drug review, go by means of each and every medicine and uncover out if there are any copy meds or hazardous mixtures your mother is using, and if there are any medicine she could prevent having or decrease the dosage. Then, make a medication learn record and hold it current so it can be effortlessly be shared whenever your mom sees a medical doctor.

To support with this, AARP delivers a free of charge “my private medication record” form that you can download and print at Or, if your mother utilizes a smartphone, she can use a capsule monitoring app like Medisafe — Pill & Med Reminder (

Other Suggestions

If achievable, your mother should also use a single pharmacy to fill all her prescriptions. The application pharmacies use to deal with affected individual prescriptions is designed to cross reference all medicines a patient is taking to be certain that there are no drug interactions that could result in harm.

Also, the following time your mom’s physician prescribes a new medication, she ought to question about non-drug treatment method alternatives that may be safer. If the drug is certainly necessary, she demands to come across out how lengthy she’s meant to acquire it and the facet outcomes it can lead to.

Another superior useful resource that can aid maintain your mom protected is the American Geriatrics Culture, which has recognized 10 various varieties of drugs that folks 65 and older should really pretty much generally steer clear of since of the threat of significant facet results. They include the anti-stress medicines diazepam (Valium) and alprazolam (Xanax), and rest prescription drugs this kind of as zolpidem (Ambien) and eszopiclone (Lunesta). To see the full checklist, go to and research “10 medications older adults need to stay away from.”

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