How to choose the right Ophthalmic Instrument for Glaucoma Surgery?

Glaucoma is a physiological condition that can affect a human eye’s optic nerve. It is caused when fluid builds up in the front part of the eye. That extra fluid tremendously enhances the pressure in the eye, severely damaging the optic nerve.

The treatment includes laser surgery and incision surgery. Laser surgery is recommended before incision surgery, unless the eye pressure is very high or the optic nerve is highly damaged. During laser surgery, a focused beam of light is used to treat the eye; in contrast, incision surgery involves creating a drainage hole with the use of a small surgical ophthalmological tool.

The Ophthalmic Instruments used include Refraction chair unit, Ophthalmic operation table, Caliper Cannula, Forceps with teeth, Needle holder, Speculum, Tying forceps and Grasps.

Glaucoma Surgery is a common procedure that is used to treat glaucoma. The choice of surgical technique depends on the individual patient’s situation. In order to choose the right hospital medical equipment for glaucoma surgery, it is important to understand the different techniques that are available. The use of the right ophthalmic instruments is critical for a successful clinical outcome. 


Some of different clinically used ophthalmic instruments include:

Ophthalmic Operation Table: Ophthalmic surgeries demand the patient to lie down so that the surgeon can perform the specific procedure. This is where it is used, as it is perfect for such surgeries.

Refraction Chair Unit: It is one of the most commonly used ophthalmic instruments. It is used to evaluate the optometric health of the patient. These are found in eye clinics for vision exams, and the phoropter fixed to this unit is what would normally look to determine how accurate vision of a subject is.

Micro-ophthalmic Instruments: These instruments are used during micro-level eye surgery. In a medical facility, it is important to have micro-ophthalmic instruments.

Ophthalmic Knife: It is an eye knife made up of stainless steel, attached to a plastic handle. This gives the surgeon a firm grip on the instrument. The sharpness and precise incision by this blade makes it one of the most valuable tools in ophthalmic surgeries.

Sterilization Trays: Eye procedures require extreme precision and care and so, the tools used should be kept disinfected and pathogens. The sterilization trays are used to put the tools in.


Right selection of instruments will be safe and will provide reliable and accurate clinical outcomes while wrong selection of these instruments can be damaging for the eyes. With such delicate treatment, it becomes important to provide best outcomes for eye patients. Good quality medical equipment builds the reputation and helps in providing successful surgeries and treatment. To get high-quality results especially when it comes to the sensitive organ like the eye, it is important to use eye instruments with high efficacy and precision. If the instrument shows high error, then there are less chances of proper treatment. This can be harmful for the credibility of the clinician. One must buy the instruments of high grade material.

It is tremendously important to look at the warranties when it comes to large purchases. Always do proper research about hidden costs, return policy, warranty and expiry date of warranty. The warranty card can save many expenses that one has to pay. Instruments that are used in therapeutics and surgery are very expensive so one has to be sure that they are of superb quality. It can be an excellent decision to purchase used equipment which works well and is still in good working condition nowadays there are a variety of options available related to Ophthalmic instruments.

More patients are attracted to the place where they can find high quality medical machines. When the patients look at the biomedical machine of a well known brand, they feel satisfied. They feel that they are at the right place and their evaluation will be done in a safe and proper way. Durability of instruments plays an enhancing role. Whatever instrument or equipment one is planning to purchase, make sure that it is of high quality and strong enough to handle more  clinical usage. 


Effective Ophthalmic Instruments not only provides high quality patient care but also saves cost of future treatment for patients. It can improve overall capacity, quality of care, workflow and productivity by maintaining efficiency. Increased accuracy is one of the instrument benefits. Increased precise refraction for patients can lead to a much more personalized prescription for their lens solution. Because of the rise in the number of effective medical equipment and the technological advancements, patients are able to get treatment and care without developing complications like post operative hemorrhages.

Equipment efficiency can do wonders. Using effective instruments, it can help the medical specialists to prevent the use of infected instruments with other patients. Due to the automation of effective healthcare instruments, refraction can be measured much quicker than traditional methods. They offer continuous and simultaneous changes of sphere, cylinder and axis power to help clinicians to reach the final refraction fast. With smooth power changes and a wider field of vision, the refraction process is shortened without compromising on results. This can make the whole thing much more comfortable for patients. Preventing the spread of disease actually begins with efficient equipment.

Another benefit is the ability to conduct optical measurements from a distance. They allow clinicians to carry out refraction measurements while maintaining distances. They also provide simulated scenarios to help the patient compare refractions. Another benefit is the decreased cost of the treatment for the patients. Mostly all the treatments and surgeries through ophthalmic devices are very costly, like LASIK, it can help reduce the cost of future treatments. Time consumption in recovery is also very less. Another advantage is the less damaging effect on cells and organs of the body of the patients. Treatment from ineffective instruments can lead to damage to the cells of the body. It can damage other internal organs of the body as well.


Glaucoma surgery is a delicate procedure. The wrong surgical instruments can cause permanent damage to the eye. It is important to select the right ophthalmic instrument for the job. The glaucoma surgery instruments are selected on the basis of their features and benefits. They should be effective in providing accurate results. They should be selected after a careful consideration of the benefits offered by each type of instrument. The use of effective and safe ophthalmic machinery can help in achieving successful medical outcomes for the patients. The benefits of using effective instruments outweigh the risks.

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