Garden and Landscape Supplies

Garden and Landscape Supplies

Garden and landscape supplies are an integral component of creating an appealing backyard oasis in Brooklyn, New York climate.

Landscape supply companies generally operate out of physical locations that require them to obtain a certificate of occupancy (CO). A CO verifies that all building codes and zoning laws have been adhered to.

Mulch is an organic material used to protect plants such as flowers, vegetables, trees and shrubs from damage by landscape maintenance equipment. Mulch helps suppress weeds while conserving water through reduced evaporation; moderates temperature changes and insulate roots while protecting bare ground from damage by protecting against landscape maintenance equipment.paving layers

Organic mulch varieties such as shredded tree bark, wood chips, leaves, grass clippings and straw provide organic material and nutrients to the soil while making for more pleasing scenery than bare ground.

Plastic and stone mulches offer inorganic solutions. Black biodegradable mulch reduces weeds while providing essential nutrients to the soil as it decomposes.
Weed Killer

A weed is any plant that grows where it shouldn’t, such as in places you don’t want it to flourish. Some weeds can be extremely persistent and difficult to eradicate completely.paving landscapers

There are various techniques for eliminating weeds, including spraying, pulling, burning and fumigation. Unfortunately, none of these approaches effectively address their roots or stop new ones from germinating from seed

Decorative Stone


No matter the size of your yard, thoughtful landscaping can add new life and vibrancy to the space. From flower gardens and water features to wood fences and outdoor firepits, these landscaping ideas offer inspiration to revitalize both beauty and functionality in your garden space.

Avoid the perils of bad landscaping by keeping non-functional ornamentation to a minimum – too many garden gnomes for instance can take the focus away from your landscape design and become an eyesore.
Patio Shade Structures

Backyard shade structures can be built or purchased to add different aesthetic elements. A pergola provides relief from Florida sun while simultaneously accentuating features like patio dining areas or grill stations – and can even be enhanced with decorative outdoor lighting and cushioned seating options for an upgraded design aesthetic.

A cabana is another great addition to any custom landscaping design. The cabana style can be as basic or extravagant as desired, including features such as thatched roof and floor-to-ceiling side curtains.

Gazebos provide more permanent shade solutions than pergolas and are great options for those who plan to spend most of their time outside, seeking more defined spaces for lounging. Constructed out of wood or nonwood material such as vinyl, these structures may cost more than an awning or canopy but could still be quite cost effective when used in an individual outdoor living space.
Flower Pots and Portable Raised Garden Beds

If space for a garden bed is an issue, try building a raised planter instead. You can construct one from any number of materials – even recycled animal feeding troughs! Wood offers natural beauty while metal designs conduct heat quickly to warm your soil early in springtime.

Add color and flair to an uninspiring spot with an easy landscaping idea: creating a raised bed! Just using some straight boards and corner braces – paint or stain them to suit your garden style – a raised bed is quick to assemble before filling it with flowers, vegetables, fruits or herbs such as tomatoes, kale and lettuce; strawberries and raspberries for fruitful touches or herbs like rosemary, oregano basil and dill for herbs that add flair.

Unless deer, rabbits, or other furry creatures pose an immediate threat, secure the area with chicken wire extending two feet out from each side of your beds and leave the top open so pollinators such as butterflies and hummingbirds can still access plants for nectar or seeds.
Fire Pits

Installing an outdoor fire pit can extend the enjoyment of your yard into cooler months, offering warm summer evening gatherings around its crackling flames and aromatic smoke that stimulate all senses.

Fire pits can be set up in various ways to suit your desired style. For a southwestern aesthetic, try adding desert plants like cacti and succulents as decorative accessories in the surrounding landscaping; their vibrant blooms will bring depth and dimension to your backyard oasis.

Other types of fire pits include chimineas, which are often constructed out of terra-cotta and used to generate both heat and smoke, as well as tables resembling coffee tables fueled by propane or natural gas, making these an excellent option for smaller spaces that don’t allow wood fires.



Rocks and stones used as decorative landscaping add color and dimension to any garden and can help to give it a distinctive appearance, setting your home apart from others. Plus, decorative rocks and stones outlast mulch and don’t need replacing annually like other forms of ground cover. Plus, decorative rocks and stones make great choices in areas where grass won’t grow, creating rock gardens in no time!

Landscape suppliers also stock all necessary supplies and tools needed to keep them healthy throughout their lifespan.

Mulch is an essential landscaping material, and comes in various compositions. No matter which you use, mulch retains moisture, suppresses weeds and keeps soil temperatures at optimal levels – which helps your plants flouris

Landscape fabric can serve as an invaluable weed barrier, but selecting the appropriate one is essential. Woven landscape fabric may be preferable over non-woven or spun fabric but may suffocate plants in gardens and flowerbeds if used alone. .

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