For a fun craft afternoon

Are you a real creative person? Then you see in many products what you can use when they are empty to make something new out of it later. But sometimes a creative person needs some new inspiration. You can do this by working a look on the internet, but also by copying something from someone else. Are you curious what you can do with your old cosmetic products? Then read on to find more about this subject.

The icing on the cake

Are you a real baker who is looking for a nice decoration? You can use your old pipette dropper for decoration. You can then add a nice color dressing in the pipette dropper. Consider, for example, a strawberry sauce. When you put the filled pipette dropper in the cake, the person can use the pipette dropper to determine how much dressing they put on their cake. You can also use a pipette dropper for decoration if, for example, you want to use blood on Halloween cupcakes.

Duo penotti, two colors in….

Empty cosmetic jars are like candy to a child for the creative person. You can do many different things with cosmetic jars. You can make candles in it, but you can also make storage boxes from cosmetic jars. Think of bracelets, necklaces, rings or glitter, paint, or other stuff. Are you going on holiday by plane? Then you can also use cosmetic jars to put your big pots of soap in small cosmetic jars. For example, you can take your soap and shampoo abroad with cosmetic jars. The cosmetic jars won’t take up much space either. So, you can take more clothes or towels in your suitcase.

No more chapped lips

Are you someone who likes to put a nice lip balm on your lips every now and then? You can also make lip gloss yourself in small cosmetic jars. You can easily make lip gloss or lip balm yourself by using beeswax, Vaseline, or coconut oil. You can then add a scent or your own color to it. By mixing all these ingredients together in the heat, you can put it warm in the cosmetic jars. It only takes a few minutes for your lip balm to be ready. It only needs to cool down after you put it in the cosmetic jars. This way you will have a new cosmetic product made from your old cosmetic jars in no time.

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