Elevating Construction Productivity: JCB’s Backhoe Loaders Lead the Way

Elevating Construction Productivity: JCB's Backhoe Loaders Lead the Way

Infrastructure industry is driven by consistent investment and implementation in various areas. These areas are research, technology, upgradation, advanced infra projects, equipment, and so on. Professionals are much invested in piloting projects that would greatly contribute to the infra development. And in India, JCB is the brand that accelerates this process with much efficiency.

But, why JCB?

Well, that’s because this heavy-duty equipment brand always offers the best. Be it operational ease, durability. features, after sales service, and so on. Particularly, JCB 3DX & JCB 3DX Super are the top two backhoe loaders from this brand.

JCB 3DX Backhoe Loader

This powerful backhoe loader comes with a hydraulic oil capacity of 110 Ltr. This ensures reduced friction between the moving parts of the equipment. In addition, this backhoe loader can reach a maximum height of 780 mm. This functionality is quintessential in significantly enlivening work output.

Moreover, the operating weight of 7510 kg makes JCB 3DX undertake complex tasks with much ease. JCB backhoe loader price range in India starts from Rs. 35 Lakh. This further goes up to Rs. 38 Lakh.

JCB 3DX Super Backhoe Loader

This is yet another best-selling model in the same category by JCB. To illustrate, with a max lifting capacity of 3000 kg, the machine delivers massive output at construction sites. Moreover, this JCB 3DX Super can reach up to a height of 5050 mm. This further adds to the productivity & overall performance. With 1 cum bucket capacity, the machine ensures efficient digging, contributing to the output.

Furthermore, this backhoe loader has an operating weight of 8010 kg. This signifies as to why this model can undertake heavy tasks with utmost ease. Above all, the JCB 3DX Super price range in India starts from Rs. 34 Lakh and goes up to 36 Lakh.

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