3 yoga mudra for asthma patients in the corona period

Asthma patients are at higher risk in the second wave of the corona. Because these patients are already unable to breathe properly. Asthma patients are more at risk in corona due to blockage in the bronchi and windpipe of these patients. Asthma patients show symptoms such as breathlessness, heaviness in the chest, chest tightness, and lethargy. In Coronavirus in India, such patients are at greater risk. These yoga mudra can be done by these patients. By doing yoga mudra, the breathing space is cleared, due to which the patient gets less discomfort. Which yoga postures can asthma patients do during the corona period.

Asthma patients mostly become victims of depression or stress because they are not able to do the things they like. If they do any work, either their breath becomes short or their body does not support it. They are unable to do any activity due to which gradually they start going into depression. But the problem of asthma can be reduced by yoga postures. Join the Online yoga classes Canada for best in your career and health.


What are Yoga Mudra?

The way asanas and pranayama are part of yoga. Similarly, yoga postures are also an independent branch of yoga. Yoga mudra means any kind of shape and gesture by one’s body or hands. It has hand gestures. Mudras are made from some heads. There are some closed currencies.


What work do yoga mudra do in the body?

Our body is made up of fire, air, water, sky, and earth. Problems arise due to the imbalance of these elements in our body, which can be controlled by yoga postures. These five elements can be balanced.


Yoga Mudras for Asthma Patients:-


1. Asthma posture

This mudra is very effective for people who have asthma attacks. Asthma attacks are reduced by doing this mudra. Or rather, the risk of having an asthma attack decreases.


How to do this Mudra

  • Spread the fingers of both your hands.
  • Bring both hands face to face.
  • Bend the middle finger of both your hands and bring both the hands closer and join both the bent fingers.
  • Stay in this posture for 5 to 6 minutes.
  • Keep breathing normally.


3 yoga postures for asthma patients in the corona period

2. Ling Mudra

Asthma patients are more at risk from corona because their windpipe is smaller. In which there is a blockage due to some reason, which reduces the space for breathing. Due to which when the asthma patient breathes, there is a whistling sound in his breath. As we all know that corona is attacking our lungs but the windpipe of asthma patients is already closed. If they get corona then it can be fatal for them. Because there is less space in their windpipe, which will also cause infection in the lungs, due to which they will not be able to breathe and their condition will become serious. If we practise mudras, it sends a message to our brain through which the brain reacts and our brain sends a message to us through the nerve, then it starts opening the closed pipe. Linga mudra is very beneficial in this. This mudra clears the windpipe.


Method of doing Ling Mudra:

  • Interlock the fingers of both your hands and join the upper part of the index finger and thumb of the opposite hand and straighten the thumb of your right hand towards the sky.
  • Stay in this posture for 5 minutes.


3 yoga postures for asthma patients in the corona period

3. Surya Mudra

Surya Mudra opens the nasal veins and also cures people who are prone to cold.


Method of doing Surya Mudra:

  • Open the fingers of your hand straight and bend your ring finger and put it in the root of your thumb and press your ring finger with the thumb.

Asthma patients get a lot of benefit by doing yoga postures. If you are at home during the Corona period and you are a patient with asthma, then you can do these easy postures at home.

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